The Back Story

As I’ve stated before, I intend to post my adventures up for you to steal and/or criticize at-will.  I’ll post them after I’ve run them, with insights into how it could have gone better.  With my play style, it’s not always possible to prep the evening into an adventure format like you’d find in a module, so I probably won’t format it that way for this blog either.  I’ll get into my play style later, but if you intend to follow along you should have some background into the adventure so far… today, The Back Story.


In the beginning, there were Dragons.  Over the centuries, the Dragons lived off the land, peacefully eating at their whim.  Sentience was not yet a concern, but centuries became millennia and the humanoids grew in strength and number.  Some feared the dragons, some worshipped them as gods, others sought them out to wipe them from the planet.  That’s how the wars began.  In the end, there were Dragons, but far fewer than before.  They had been reduced to near eradication.

From the ashes, three clans stood stronger than the rest.  Red, White, and Black.  The rest could see their numbers were too few to survive as they had, Dragons as a species were at risk.  Through ritual sacrifice they solved their problems.  One from each clan stepped forward and received the Blood of All Dragons.  Black and White were the champions of their clan, strong males in their prime.  The Reds chose a female, their aged Mother.  One to become good, one evil, and one to judge.

These three gained immortality at a cost, a Pact.  The First Rule was non-interference in the world of Man.  The second was a covenant, to meet every 100 years and discuss the fate of the world.  They three represented their parts; White for good, Black evil, and Red true neutral.   The goal was to keep the world balanced.  All three had to show up, to argue.  White and Black could state their cases as to the needs of the world.  Red would listen, and a decision would be made.  The victor got free rein for a year, exclusion from the First Rule.

Centuries elapsed and once again the humanoids rose in number, but now a certain fear and awe of Dragons prevailed.  Some still feared, some still worshipped, and more still sought them ought, but these sought more than destruction.  These became the Dragons agents, scattered throughout the world.  Given the Blood of All Dragons, these humanoids were granted gifts, powers beyond the scope of the mortal realm, but tied to a task at a Dragons request.  Only those with success were ever granted the Blood, and no two every manifested powers alike.

Centuries more elapsed and there was a certain peace about the land.  The humanoids ruled all, Dragons became myth more often than not, few still believed.  Kings and monarchs knew the truth.  An unspoken truce became the rule and kingdoms never again rose against the Dragons.

As time continued, an unforseen circumstance occurred.  Though Red was older by far, immortality had waned the years.  Though she was to remain neutral, she saw virtue in the actions of White and she could not help but fall in love with him.  A romance blossomed.

Red and White tried to keep their love secret, but Black was too sly by far.  Jealousy ruled his heart from the moment he knew.  He abandoned them to their love.  Red and White lost contact.  The Pact came and went, Red and White waiting in angst.  They decided to wait another term, but never again did Black show up for the Pact.

The years are slow for immortals, but Black worked fast.  Through agents, Red discovered an army waiting within the territory of Black, waiting for assault.  Red rushed to and pleaded with White about the army, but White could do nothing.  He was Bound to be good.  He could only break the first rule at the cost of his immortality.

Red discovered a means of bypassing the First Rule, but it was dangerous.  She called in her best agents and once again, through ritual sacrifice, Red became human.

The ritual spread Reds consciousness, too vast for a single humanoid mind, across that of her agents.  They became a part of her, yet remained much of themselves. Red was born into the world as Suri, a six-year-old girl with only a handful of years to live.  She alone knows the true quest, to find White and convince, or force him to complete the same ritual.  Black must be dealt with, and their only chance is together.


Next time, I’ll tell you the why of the back story.  Thanks for reading!


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Mid-thirties and work a full-time job in beautiful northern Colorado. In my free time I play D&D, video games, and walk my two beautiful Bouvier des Flandres.
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