What to Expect

“There’s nothing wrong with spending time on your hobby—that’s what hobbies are for. But no one should dictate to you how you spend your hobby time, and you should never feel obligated to spend more time on it than you want to.”
~ James Wyatt

This weekend I went to Steel City Tattoo in Pueblo to put myself under the needle of the great Rich Ives.  I had an absolute blast, but was dog tired on Sunday and had to cancel my game.  Not a fan of doing that, but the quote above always helps me deal with the guilt.

Canceling a night of gaming always leaves me with an interesting dilemma when it comes to my post on Mondays.  Thinking about it made me realize, you peeps may not even know I’ve got “scheduled posts” in mind.  So today, with lack of a game to write about, I’ll tell you my plans and aspirations for this blog.


  • Monday
    • I run my 4e home campaign on Sunday nights.  I usually prep my adventures in WordPress on Sunday afternoon, run the game Sunday evening, edit the prepped post and publish it on Mondays.  My (new) goal with this method is to allow the reader to easily steal the adventure, without having to dig through my personal groups reaction to it (remember all roleplaying is about reaction).  It also allows me to modify the parts that didn’t really work and hopefully create a better adventure for you to steal.
  • Thursday
    • I’ve got plenty to say when it comes to D&D… at least, that’s what the people who don’t care to hear it tell me.  On Thursdays my plan is to write about various things that have helped me be a better DM.  This of course entails a lot of crafts and reviews, but truthfully, I can already see the end of the road if I continue down this path for long (it’s a ways off, but I rolled a good perception check).  I’ve found I don’t read editorials too often myself, so my goal was to stay away from them completely.  Things like the sunrod post kind of skirt that goal… I’m gonna have to come up with something though, what do you think?
  • Any other day of the Week
    • These are freebies in my opinion.  If I need a follow-up post, or if I just want to rant, you’ll see it on any day other than Monday or Thursday.

That said, I’ve come to a realization.  If you don’t see a post on Monday, it means we didn’t game the night before, so I had nothing to write about.  Look forward to my post on Thursdays and follow a link on the blogroll to read something else.

See ya!  I’ve got some video games to play.


About j0nny_5

Mid-thirties and work a full-time job in beautiful northern Colorado. In my free time I play D&D, video games, and walk my two beautiful Bouvier des Flandres.
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2 Responses to What to Expect

  1. boccobsblog says:

    Looks like a good plan. I like the way WP allows you to delay a post. I have several posts locked and loaded for the days when the words just don’t come. Keep up the great work.

    PS- I enjoy the crafty posts (game board and sculpey for example)

    • j0nny_5 says:

      Thanks for reading! I have a number of crafty posts on the horizon, just not enough to generate content once a week. I really appreciate the input though, so will do what I can to get to one of those posts soon.

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