The Gygax Memorial Fund

This morning I stumbled across the site for the Gygax Memorial Fund.  I like to think I’m “in-the”know” when it comes to D&D, and yet today was the first I’ve heard of it.  A 10×10 footprint has just been approved at Donian Park located in Lake Geneva, WI, in honor of our fallen hero.  I encourage you to donate to this great cause with your tax deductible dollars, or at least share your testimonials there about what Gygax has done for you.

He deserves it.


About j0nny_5

Mid-thirties and work a full-time job in beautiful northern Colorado. In my free time I play D&D, video games, and walk my two beautiful Bouvier des Flandres.
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One Response to The Gygax Memorial Fund

  1. j0nny_5 says:

    Sorry the link was down all day…

    Anyway, they approved a 10×10 footprint. They didn’t specify height. We should make a tower.

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