It’s been a while…

Wow.  Life changes quickly.

You may have noticed I took a week off.  I got a pretty big promotion at my job, which is awesome.  Unfortunately, I’m now putting in about 12 hours a day when you factor in the commute.  As you can imagine, this has eaten into my D&D time quite a bit.

My daily routine of surfing the web for D&D content, commenting on blogs, planning future sessions, reading D&DI articles, and writing thought-provoking posts has admittedly slipped by the wayside.  My time now is generally filled with catching up on what sleep I can.

I had to duck out of the Monday group I’ve been playing with.  Encounters is out of the question.  Even my Xbox has lain dormant lately.  My own home session these past two weeks has been reduced to Dungeon Delve #20, Cold Hands of Chaos (altered and scaled of course).  Though Dungeon Delve is one of my favorite books, I generally ascribe myself to higher standards than just running a published one-shot.  But life happens.

I’ll be moving soon and was pleased (and surprised) to hear that my group would be willing to make the hour-long commute to continue the campaign.  It wasn’t even in contention.  What has been in contention, at least in my mind, is this blog.  I made it fifty posts without skipping a week… then life happened.  My goal was to go a year before letting that happen.  What are goals for if not to be met or broken?

The fact of the matter is, I can’t continue like this, but I’ve been having so much fun writing, I don’t want to stop.  I can’t stop.  I won’t.  Though my new position is awesome, it’s not D&D.  I don’t get to talk, think, or write about D&D for a living.  I do this as a hobby, both the game and the blogging.  I do it because I think the game is limited only by the caliber of gamers playing it.  I’d like to continue to increase that fun-factor for all involved, player and DM alike.  I’d like to continue because I haven’t run out of things to say.  I’d like to continue because you read, you respond, you seem genuinely interested in my insights into the game.

I’ve been treating this blog like a magazine.  I’ve tried to emulate D&DI, keeping the schedule of posts consistent; Mondays for adventures and Thursdays for helpful tips.  I’ve treated the community like paying subscribers, intelligent readers who deserve more than frivolous garble (much like this post).  I’ve held myself on this blog to the same standards I do in my home campaign.  I don’t want to run or publish anything I myself wouldn’t be interested in.

I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, because time is the most precious commodity.  Unlike a dollar, once spent, time can not be earned again.  My pockets barely jingle with the little loose time I have left.

That said, I want you to know I’m not spent.  I’m not disappearing anytime soon, but I won’t be continuing with regular posts anymore.  The first to go will be the adventures; truthfully I’m surprised people read them at all.  I don’t think I’ve ever read about someone else’s campaign before.  Of the few instructional podcasts I’ve listened to, most have an agreement to not even mention their home campaigns.  I want to thank those of you who did read and comment about our epic adventures.  I promise, if I run a particularly awesome session, I’ll make sure you hear all you need know to run it in your own campaign.

I’ll continue to post on Thursdays, but I can’t guarantee I’ll do it with any regularity.  I can’t continue to treat this blog like a magazine full of paying subscribers.  This business of scheduled posts is best left to those with a staff of writers.  As for me, I’m just a guy who works a lot and loves to play D&D in his free time…

Free time.  Now there’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one.


About j0nny_5

Mid-thirties and work a full-time job in beautiful northern Colorado. In my free time I play D&D, video games, and walk my two beautiful Bouvier des Flandres.
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15 Responses to It’s been a while…

  1. hotelnerd says:

    I know exactly what you’re going through. I had to make the same difficult transition in my own gaming life over a year ago. I didn’t have my own blog at the time, that’s a more recent development, but I’ve been taking it much less serious then some (like yourself). Although blogging has been a great tool for getting me motivated into DMing again and not just being a player. It’s all a balancing act, and I’m sure you’ll find your new equilibrium! Cheers!

    • j0nny_5 says:

      Thanks for the empathy! This has been a difficult decision for me. As you said, the benefits this blog has added to my campaign are tenfold. I feel I prep a better adventure when I know the community is watching (and judging) my progress. I feel it’s helped me get a better grasp of the storyline, where it’s been and where it’s going. I love having a D&D-iary of the game sessions; it’s made it a lot easier to remember what’s going on, which characters have had their chance to shine, and which characters are due. I’ve been known to take anything I put my mind to a little too far and D&D is no exception. Hopefully by stepping back and taking things a little less seriously I’ll find that magical “balancing act” you speak of; a happy medium that doesn’t ask too much of me, but still gives to the community in a manner worthy of their time. Thanks again for reading, you’re the reason I do this!

  2. Michael Lee says:

    Actually, the descriptions of your Sunday game are among the very, very few I have ever bothered to read. That’s because it’s an epic tier game (of which there are precious few) and you do some very creative stuff.

    • j0nny_5 says:

      It really means a lot to me to hear that you enjoy my adventure posts so much. My idea all along was to try and find that niche; the one where ideas and encounters are easy to steal, without having to sift through all the frivolous in-game chatter. As I said, I’ll try to continue those posts at some point in the future, maybe after I’ve broken into my new position. Right now, with the move and the new job, I’m just not sure I can do it. Stay tuned, don’t give up on me. I’ll make sure you’re rewarded for your patience… eventually.

  3. kwiebe227 says:

    We’re here with ya. Always look forward to your posts and I will continue to do so. My campaign wouldn’t be what it is without your advice, tips, and prizes! Enjoy your promotion and congratulations!

    • j0nny_5 says:

      Glad to have you with me. Thanks for the congratulations! I’ve never even interviewed for a career before, let alone got one. Big, exciting changes for sure. I hope my posts continue to inspire and be worth your time to check out. I wouldn’t be satisfied with myself putting up sub-par posts just to fill a time slot. Though for a while yet my writing may thin out, hopefully that just means I’m just trimming out the fat to present something substantial. Until next time, enjoy your Epic Game Board!

  4. Paramo says:

    We appreciate your efforts, man, and congrats on the promotion. I, too, have taken a break from my games while I get situated in a new job with a lot of new responsibilities (and now there’s a hurricane coming lol), but ironically my extra time has now turned to game design instead of DMing. In any case, all the best, do what you can, and know you’ll at least have this guy checking up on the blog.

    • j0nny_5 says:

      Thanks for the comment. Good luck with your new job… and the hurricane too! Life happens fast, doesn’t it? I’ll be around, just not every week like I had originally hoped. It’s good to hear my efforts are appreciated, I don’t want to disappoint. Stay tuned!

  5. There is no WAY I would let you move away and not find someway to continue our games. You’re way to good of a DM and a player to let you go and find some other group at your new house. I’d find a way to keep you DMing, even if we had to do it over the internets (of which maybe your new house will be more reliable…).

    • j0nny_5 says:

      David, you are too kind. I like the idea of an easy D&D session over the web, but there’s something about 3D miniatures, terrain, and rolling dice that will always make tabletop the superior medium. I’m glad you’re all willing to commute/carpool. I’ll make sure to keep the trip in mind as the moon rises like a great d20 in the sky.

  6. Terry Fox says:

    Gonna miss gaming with you on Mondays. But I know you’re going to do well in your new job. I’ll certainly continue to read your blog when it updates. I always learn something from your content. In the future, if you happen to be in the neighborhood, feel free to get ahold of me.

    Thanks for the fun over the past year or so!

    • j0nny_5 says:

      Terry, I’m gonna miss gaming with you too. It was fun to watch your slow transition from newb to full-fledged gamer. The last few sessions really showed your understanding of roleplaying vs roll-playing. We’ll definitely be in touch.

  7. Kilsek says:

    Hey Jonny, I love your blog, your writing, and your enthusiasm for D&D! Sure, you may not be around as often here, but it’s good to know you’re not going away. Don’t, you’re one of the good guys! Grats and best of luck with your career move, too.

  8. boccobsblog says:

    Write em when you get a chance and we’ll keep reading. Best of luck.

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