To the internet, I’m j0nny_5.

To my friends (and now the internet too, I guess) I’m Jonathan.

I’m 33 now, began playing D&D with 2e, about six months before 3e came out.  I’ve progressed right along with the game over the years, shifting from Player to Dungeon Master.  Now I do a bit of both.  When people ask me what I like best, I always reply the same.  DMing is great through out the week, playing is best on the night of the game.  And that’s the way it should be, every time if we DM’s do our job right.

I love props; minis, terrain, gadgets and such.  I use a lot in my games.

I love my Bouvier des Flanders even more.  I have two, a male and female.  I’ve always wondered if Matt Groening has Bouviers.  Marge’s maiden name is Bouvier, and their next door neighbor is Flanders.  Coincidence?


2 Responses to j0nny_5

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  2. Uncle Fred says:

    If you want to add to your adventurers pack list, go through the uses of mirrors, alternate uses of a belt (can it be used as a whip or grapple?), how about eating utensils? I bet a hidden spoon could help a crafty adventurer accomplish a task of some sort.

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