Companion Characters: Mercenaries for Hire

Mercenaries are a common faction in fantasy fiction, but when was the last time your group hired someone?  We have to imagine, in a world where adventuring is allowed, mercenaries are everywhere.  In a world defined as “points of light,” towns need to have go-to guys they can count on.  Where are they?

Here’s a selection of mercenaries, eager for work, ready to be placed into your campaign.  Their qualifications?  Combat speed and a certain… knack.  Each is created with the intention of quick, efficient combat and a usefulness your party can admire.  Their damage is decent, their choices and hit points are low.  They are mercenaries for hire.

Fizzlesnip PDF

Grumph PDF

Quiver PDF

Kindle PDF


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4 Responses to Companion Characters: Mercenaries for Hire

  1. DMOth says:

    These companions are excellent, and your previously-eluded-to article is really helpful and inspiring, too. Keep up the awesome work.

  2. boccobsblog says:

    VERY NICE! I love when a site creates something that cut down prep time for me as a DM. Are these in PDF form for easy printing?

    Great post. More of this!

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