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Mid-thirties and work a full-time job in beautiful northern Colorado. In my free time I play D&D, video games, and walk my two beautiful Bouvier des Flandres. is now live!  For all those who have followed my sporadic blog over the years, I beg you to go check out my new venture and sign up for the mailing list under the “Contact Us” page. Read the … Continue reading

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Character Specific Phrases

Hey there!  Yeah, I know it’s been a while.  So what? I’m one of those that gets an idea for D&D in just about anything I encounter.  The past couple years I’ve been listening to a LOT of audio books.  … Continue reading

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Heroic Tier recap

When I plan out a session, I type it up in an email to myself with links to the compendium so I can just use my tablet during play.  It’s nice, each creature in an encounter gets it’s own tab … Continue reading

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Epic (Nature) Game Board

Hopefully you’ve all checked out my how-to and made your own Epic Game Board, kicking your game up to 11.  That post instructed how to make the simple $10 option, using paint and poster board.  I recently made myself a … Continue reading

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We’re Back!

It’s been over a year since my last post.  I have no excuse.  Sorry.  Moving on. The group has decided to reinstate the blog, this time mustering up enough help to keep me from getting burned out.  We will all … Continue reading

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It’s been a while…

Wow.  Life changes quickly. You may have noticed I took a week off.  I got a pretty big promotion at my job, which is awesome.  Unfortunately, I’m now putting in about 12 hours a day when you factor in the … Continue reading

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Crafts: It’s Christmas! (seriously)

It’s early August and that means Christmas items are already starting to hit the shelves.  If you’re a fan of cheap 3D terrain, you might want to get yourself to Hobby Lobby pretty soon, last year they sold out quick. … Continue reading

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