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I love arts & crafts. I use D&D as a creative outlet for my arts & crafts days. is now live!  For all those who have followed my sporadic blog over the years, I beg you to go check out my new venture and sign up for the mailing list under the “Contact Us” page. Read the … Continue reading

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Epic (Nature) Game Board

Hopefully you’ve all checked out my how-to and made your own Epic Game Board, kicking your game up to 11.  That post instructed how to make the simple $10 option, using paint and poster board.  I recently made myself a … Continue reading

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Crafts: It’s Christmas! (seriously)

It’s early August and that means Christmas items are already starting to hit the shelves.  If you’re a fan of cheap 3D terrain, you might want to get yourself to Hobby Lobby pretty soon, last year they sold out quick. … Continue reading

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Crafts: Fire! Fire! huh huh…

Fire! Fire! Whether you’re dealing with a city ablaze or a forest fire, a hellhound or a troll, you’re going to be dealing with fire.  Regardless of whether the fire is static, or dancing across the battlefield, isn’t it about … Continue reading

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Gamma World! Mother Toad and the Birthday Feast

Every Sunday night, I run my 20th level D&D 4e home campaign… but last night was my birthday so I wanted to do something a little more spectacular. I’ve had the idea for a themed dinner adventure for a while; … Continue reading

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Crafts: Minions!

I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on these little guys.  They fit in the case right alongside my dice and condition markers, ready at a moments notice. Minions! Materials Needed Monster/Minion Tokens I think I got mine from running a … Continue reading

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Dungeon Building with Sculpey!

I’m a big fan of 3D props, terrain, and miniatures.  Rarely is my game table a flat map.  I’m also a big fan of arts-and-crafts.  Sometimes, I just really need to make something with my hands.  D&D becomes that creative … Continue reading

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